Solar Panel Cleaning

Even though many people see solar panels as units that are generally self-cleaning, their mechanism often demands actual cleaning due to many different effects.

In dry periods or where the panel tilt is at a minimal, even a small layer of dust or other substances can reduce the performance of these panels. Whether it’s dust, debris or bird droppings, the substances that can pile up over time can have a terrifying effect and reduce the performance of solar panels by up to 70%.

Aside from the actual cleaning, our teams at Pisotta know that there are many other critical issues towards maintaining an optimal solar system performance. These may include:

  • Proper inspection of the solar modules prior to cleaning (and manual removal of the accumulated debris).
  • Spraying the solar modules with water at minimal pressure.
  • Proper water conditioning during the cleaning process and prior to application.
  • Specific equipment used for solar panels - specifically brushes that are designed to avoid causing micro fractures or scratches on surface of the solar modules.

Our solar panel cleaning services are designed to help you solve these complex situations. Even though many think that solar panels are long-term and minimum-effort investments, the goal to harnessing their benefits are in a tight link with proper maintenance and cleaning.

At Pisotta, we pride ourselves on offering periodic cleaning service for solar panels set in medium to large scale solar farms. Our periodic solar panel cleaning service is affordable and pays for itself over time - by giving you a solar setup that is thoroughly cleaned and able to work at its peak performance

Now is the time to schedule your solar panel cleaning. To do that, contact us through the form below or call us directly on our phone!

The Cerebro Robot
Image 01

An Intelligent And Fully Autonomous Cleaning Service For Solar Plants.

The Cerebro Robot is our biggest innovation - and a product that is optimized to fulfill the cleaning needs of solar plants in a cost-effective way.

What started as a general idea of improving the cleaning efforts on solar panels led us to a lot of research and development into creating this robot. The Cerebro unit has a light structure without additional frames and guides - allowing it to clean solar panels seamlessly and perform the task over any systems, regardless of their specifications.