Mission & Vision


With a strong passion for solar renewable energy, Pasitta has always been in the forefront of this technology. We are determined to discuss energy efficiency and renewable technologies with our customers or potential customers.

Our continuous mission is to provide exceptional solar panel cleaning services and deliver custom-fit services for medium to large scale solar businesses through a hyperconnected cloud-based platform.


We envision ourselves as a leading global supplier of solar panel cleaning services and a leading provider of one of the first solar panel cleaning robots - our very own Cerebro Robot

At Pasitta, we are always focused on developing new technologies, setting the bar higher and continuously improving our customer experience.

The Cerebro Robot
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An Intelligent And Fully Autonomous Cleaning Service For Solar Plants.

The Cerebro Robot is our biggest innovation - and a product that is optimized to fulfill the cleaning needs of solar plants in a cost-effective way.

What started as a general idea of improving the cleaning efforts on solar panels led us to a lot of research and development into creating this robot. The Cerebro unit has a light structure without additional frames and guides - allowing it to clean solar panels seamlessly and perform the task over any systems, regardless of their specifications.