Knowledge Base

Pasitta has a deep and always-changing set of rules, facts, assumptions and information which we always have available in order to solve a problem. In our case, this is a knowledge base which consists of the following sections.

Renewable Energy

We rely on the best principles in renewable energy and are always tapping into renewable energy resources. In our case, the energy source is solar energy, which is continuously replenished and will never run out. Coming directly or indirectly from the sun, this type of sustainable energy forms the backbone of our business.


Academic writing is another core part of our knowledge base. Since it is part of a well-defined system with rules and deep research on every topic, it is our perfect ally that lets us persuade, innovate and develop solutions to a set of problems based on actual evidence - and not personal opinion.

Energy Management Systems

Intelligent and advanced, we monitor energy management systems that are designed to reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of other systems as well as increase the general reliability and predict electrical system performance.

Controlling and reducing the energy is in our case very important. With it, we embrace solar as a way that reduces costs and provides free energy which in turn minimizes energy costs without affecting production and quality, further minimizing the environmental effects.

Concentrated Solar Panels

The concentrated solar panels that we work on generate solar power by using mirrors or lenses, thereby concentrating large areas of sunlight (solar thermal energy) onto smaller areas.

This technology concentrates the energy from the sun to drive traditional steam turbines or engines that create electricity. We largely depend on this solutions.

Dust Effect On Solar Panels

Research has shown that dust particles on solar panels can indeed reduce the system’s efficiency by up to 50%. This is known as “the dust effect” on solar panels and is something we have always taken into account in our expertise.

System Integration

We bring together all types of subsystems into one system, ensuring that all of our modules function together as a system and technology on its own. The benefits of system integration in the solar industry are vast - they generally maximize performance, cut down costs and ramp up the overall efficiency.

As a result, our integrated systems provide long-term, sustainable value from many perspectives.

The Cerebro Robot
Image 01

An Intelligent And Fully Autonomous Cleaning Service For Solar Plants.

The Cerebro Robot is our biggest innovation - and a product that is optimized to fulfill the cleaning needs of solar plants in a cost-effective way.

What started as a general idea of improving the cleaning efforts on solar panels led us to a lot of research and development into creating this robot. The Cerebro unit has a light structure without additional frames and guides - allowing it to clean solar panels seamlessly and perform the task over any systems, regardless of their specifications.